Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Braingage LLC is an online job search and recruitment website and brand name (our “Sites”).

The Braingage Privacy Policy has been developed to inform users of our Sites about our Privacy Values and how their personal data is shared between the Sites.

This sharing of your personal data:

  • Helps the job search and recruitment process by linking more job seekers to more job listings and employers;
  • Improves our services to you;
  • Enables better security for users.

Whether you’re a job seeker or an employer, you can find out more about the benefits of sharing such data here, and answers to some frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

The launch of the Privacy Policy does not change the way the Sites share your personal data. Such sharing shall be governed by the specific Privacy and Cookie Policies of the Sites you have used. If you have specific questions about a particular site, we encourage you to visit the help center of the respective site for further information.

Values of Privacy

We take our users’ privacy very seriously.

We value the trust that our job-seekers place in us to help them find jobs, and our employers place in us to help them find great candidates. To maintain this trust, we invest significant resources to protect your personal data and are always guided by our values of privacy.

In particular, we are trying to:

  • Treat all of our users equally by providing a wide range of privacy rights to all of our users worldwide, which means that any user of the Site can obtain:
  • Access to their personal information; deletion of their personal information;
  • A portable version of their personal data;
  • Restriction or objection to certain processing of their personal data; adhere to the privacy policy by design and default in the way we build and operate our services;
  • Be transparent with you about what personal data we collect and how it is processed;
  • Ensure that the personal data we collect from you will be used primarily to help our job seekers find jobs, to help our employers find great candidates and to improve the services we provide to you;
  • Limit our collection and storage of your personal data to what is appropriate, relevant and necessary;
  • Keep your personal data accurate and up to date, as appropriate;
  • Process your personal data in a manner that takes appropriate security and confidentiality measures;
  • Demonstrate accountability for our responsibilities under applicable privacy laws.


The Benefit of Data Sharing

Data sharing provides a range of benefits for both job seekers and employers, as well as enabling us to improve our services to you.

Data Sharing Means More Employees, More Job Listings and More Job Seekers

Data sharing between our Sites gives job-seekers access to an even broader database of job listings and employers and enables employers to access more job-seekers. For example, in some instances, this allows one Site to recommend jobs or employers on another affiliated Site, as well as to facilitate applications or display job listings from one Site to another.

Where such functionality is supported, one Site may also be able to recommend to an employer hosted by another Site a specific job-seeker (and that job-seeker resume or resume extract). Sites also share employer data (such as account information and behavioural data) to provide a better experience for employers and job-seekers.

Data Sharing Improves Your Services

Data sharing provides more personalized and improved content, performance, features and services to job-seekers on our Sites.

For example, the Sites may use and share your previous search and browsing history (e.g. the jobs you click on) and your resume or profile information to determine the relevant search results, job alerts, display and moderate career insights, such as company reviews, salary listings, interview tips and more.

Such sharing is also carried out to facilitate improved analysis, testing, research and improvement of services on the Sites.

Data Sharing Increases User Security

Such data sharing enables our Sites to better protect their users. In particular, it allows the Sites to improve user security and internal operations, troubleshoot and detect and prevent fraud and spam.