About Us

Who We Are

Braingage LLC is a virtual workforce company with a big mission. We ‘re revolutionizing how job-seekers find jobs. We understand the unique challenges that job-seekers face whenever they’re looking for virtual work because we’ve been there.

Today, Braingage remains committed to paying off the virtual success of the workforce. We are united in our shared desire to provide you with the information and support needed to succeed in your job search and career.

What We Do

Instead of wasting hours searching the internet for job opportunities, we will do the work for you! We help in saving you the time and hassle of looking for a legitimate job by providing you with all the virtual jobs, dream job, marketing job, design jobs, job in , USA, States, Citys & Regions all in one place.

Monday to Saturday, our skilled research teams visit hundreds of industry and highly specialized job boards, social media streams, mobile communications-friendly company websites, blogs and direct job listings to find the newest and best job leads available.

And for companies looking for virtual candidates, we provide a wide range of candidates with suitable skills . The size of the business doesn’t matter either small or large, Braingage has virtual candidate for all.

How It Works

Braingage LLC is a virtual workforce that provides job seekers with hand-screened jobs leads that offer real pay for real work. From managed services to writing, marketing jobs, design jobs, all of the job openings that we provide you with offers several other types of digital communications or virtual work.

Who Should Use Braingage?

Anyone who wants a job offer. With over 80 career jobs and jobs ranging from entry to the executive level, we have quality job offers for just about everyone.

Braingage LLC is a credible resource for job-seekers willing to find legitimate job opportunities. Our service is best suited to:

  • Anyone looking for additional income by using their professional skills and education
  • Full-time working professionals interested in reducing their carbon footprint by digital communications
  • Parents looking for a job that offers zero switching and a flexible schedule
  • Students looking for part-time work
  • Retired persons interested in staying professionally active and earning extra income
  • Individuals with psychical or health problems looking for telecommunications jobs that fit their needs
  • Military spouses who require flexibility to work from anywhere so that they can move seamlessly when their spouses are assigned to a new base.
  • Companies that are looking for virual candidates

Braingage LLC  is all about you, the jobseeker. We work hard to make your job search experience faster, more comfortable, safer and more productive. Kindly give us a try today!